What is an Adjustment?

Spinal adjustment are one of the key components of your Chiropractic care.  These adjustments allow your spinal joints to move freely reducing the nervous system interference or disruption.  Allowing your joints to receive the proper circulation will allow every opportunity for your health to continue or return. 

Types Techniques

Sometimes a specific, highly-accurate thrust is used. Or an instrument delivers carefully directed energy. Or a slow, constant pressure is used. Several areas may be adjusted, or just one depending on your unique spine. 

How You Should Feel After An Adjustment

We rely on adjustments to help your body correct it’s Subluxations.  This allows our adjustments to be highly effective. People often experience different feelings after an adjustment from a feeling of peace and relaxation to a sudden burst of energy.  Others may find they do not see an immediate result but that does not mean they are not benefiting from their adjustment. 

Adjustments Are Safe

Adjustments are safe and a valuable component for the overall integrity of your spine and nervous system.  Patients see a remarkable improvement in their health and wellness after being treated by a Chiropractor.